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Project 4 Third Edition Testy A Odpovede

Unit 1 The ‘I’- and the ‘Me’-verb Uses of the infinitive-expressing infinitive Translating verbs from the Turkish language Unit 2 Nouns and noun phrases Nouns, noun-phrase structure and their functions Other types of nouns Nouns with meaning or function nouns Unit 3 Adjective phrases Order of adjectives in an adjective phrase Unit 4 Adverbs and adverbials Adverbial adjectives Nouns, noun-phrase structure and their functions Adjective phrases Infinitive phrases Unit 5 Complementizers and complement phrases Complement phrases Declarative sentences Interrogative sentences Imperative and infinitive sentences Unit 6 Verbs Main categories of verbs Time verbs Reflexive verbs Relative and oblique verbs Participial verbs Verbs expressing motion Verbs of emotion, thinking, knowing and going Verbs of becoming Verbs of origin Verbs of quantity Verbs of location Function verbs Non-function verbs Verbs expressing temporal relationships Verbs of conception and generation Unit 2 Introduction All verbs in English, when used alone, are intransitive. In other words, when one says, “The boat is sailing,” it doesn’t matter which boat you are referring to. However, it is very important to know whether a verb is transitive or intransitive, so that you can know whether or not it can be used with a direct object (or with a noun phrase, as the case may be). Here are some examples of transitive and intransitive verbs. Can you tell which are transitive and which are intransitive? Transitive Bob plays tennis. Bob gives the ball to his friend. The team won the game. Bob takes the ball and plays with it. Intransitive I play tennis. I give the ball to my friend. The team won the game. I take the ball and play with it. For more information about the transitive and intransitive verbs, please see page 6. Transitive and intransitive verbs Transitive verbs are verbs which can be used with a direct object. 1. Bob plays tennis. 2. Bob gives the ball to his friend. 3 ac619d1d87

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